Alice Chang, MD


Sadness is a natural part of the human experience, especially when we encounter loss, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job. For me, sadness becomes a concern when, despite having all your needs and safety met, you feel persistently sad or irritated, and everything seems to annoy you, or it’s challenging to find joy in anything and you simply don’t want to be bothered with anything.

Depression can take a toll on every aspect of your life. It becomes a problem when you find yourself engulfed in sadness and irritability, feeling as though everything around you is a burden. The loss of motivation and energy leaves you detached from the things you once loved, making it difficult to find joy in anything. Changes in sleep patterns and appetite further add to the weight you carry.

I want you to know that you don’t have to face this journey alone.

Depression is a complex condition, and its origins can stem from various factors and life events. That’s why I believe in personalized therapy, tailored to your unique experiences and needs. With nearly two decades of experience, I have witnessed that most of my clients have valuable insights into what’s causing distress in their lives. By clarifying these issues in therapy, we can gain a deeper understanding of your challenges and develop a roadmap for healing.

I understand that the solutions to your problems may feel overwhelming and draining, especially when depression takes a stronghold. In such cases, we may consider the potential benefits of medications and/or supplements, as they can provide relief and create a foundation for further progress. Once your mood begins to improve, you’ll find yourself better equipped to face life’s challenges and embrace healthier coping strategies.

I believe in fostering a safe and nurturing environment, where we can explore your emotions without judgment. Our holistic approach to psychiatry means that we consider all aspects of your well-being, addressing not only the emotional but also the physical and spiritual elements that contribute to your mental health.

Your journey to healing is unique, and I am honored to walk alongside you, providing the support and guidance you need to overcome depression’s grip. Together, we will work towards restoring your sense of joy, purpose, and connection with the world around you. Remember, you are not defined by your depression – it’s a part of your story, but it doesn’t have to be the defining chapter.

Working together, you’ll find the strength to rediscover your resilience and embrace life with a renewed sense of hope. I believe in your capacity to heal, and am committed to helping you find the light even in the darkest moments.